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As a business owner or someone responsible for developing the business, you’ll be constantly looking for opportunities to populate your marketing sales funnel.  The most effective way to do this is to build and expand your network.

Relatively recent advances in computer technology and social media have made it easy for businesses to hide behind their computer screens in the comforts of an office.

At Ping, we feel it’s important to have a balance within your network to maintain a steady flow of leads and prospects. So, if you’ve tried social media, networking breakfasts or lunches and traditional methods such as email and telemarketing so now it’s time to take a deep breath, step away from your desk and venture outside!

Yes, we are talking about business events.

As with most things in life, events come in all shapes and sizes and there will always be one that’s perfect for you and your company.

Whether you are thinking about exhibiting yourself or simply want to attend an event to find out more, there will be benefits for your business.  If you are unsure try going as a visitor first!

If you do decide to visit an exhibitor event you’ll get the feel for whether it’s right for your business.  In addition, take the opportunity to check out who your competitors are and how they position themselves within the market, talk to their representative as even if you work within a similar field there may also be gains to be made from a collaboration. At the very least you will have conducted some very important marketing research.

KEY TIP: Grab those business cards and always follow up – people will be expecting you to!

If you’ve already been a visitor or fancy jumping straight into the deep end, exhibiting at a regional or even local event can be extremely profitable.  Depending on the size of the event there could be literally hundreds of prospects walking past you over the course of one or two days – you have an audience so plan your marketing strategy to keep them captivated by your offering.

The old adage is true in that people buy from people they like and get on with so the first step is getting the right person to act as ‘front of house’.  This is the crucial part and if you are not the best person to do this, delegate or even consider outsourcing.


In summary, there are three main parts to make the most of your marketing opportunities at an event:

  • The pre-event plan
  • Making the most of the day
  • The post event follow up

Of course, there are many strategies that you can employ on the day to maximize your success as well as your pre and post event marketing activities and getting it right could make exhibiting at an event one of the most profitable business activities of your career. To find out more about how you can make the most of your marketing opportunities at an event, chat with us an award-winning marketing team by calling us on 03300 414 550 or emailing us at hello@pingmarketing.co.uk


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