A strategy isn’t always good for business

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As an owner, director or someone responsible for the business development of your company you’ll already have a strategy in place.  It’s probably a strategy that you put together some time earlier this year and hopefully you’ve dusted it off and revisited it several times throughout the year. That’s fine, after all some businesses still won’t have a proper business development plan or strategy in mind let alone one that is documented.

But the most important thing about a strategy isn’t the fact that you have one, that it’s documented or that you revisit it.  The most important thing about a strategy is that it reflects your business at any given time.

A strategy is not just for January

Most business owners write their strategy at the start of the year and if you are one of them think how different your business is now compared to where it was in January.  It’s probably a safe bet that you wouldn’t write the same strategy now as you did 10 months ago.  So why are you still following it?

henry-fordYour business is constantly changing, external and internal factors will have an effect and needs and challenges will also have an impact.

Just because it was right for you at the start of the year doesn’t make it right for you 10 months later.

Why continue using a strategy that’s all about where you were then? It’s about where you are now that matters.

Getting into the practice of constantly reviewing and adapting your strategy can save you time, money and resources and open up opportunities that might otherwise have been missed.

So the next time you revisit your strategy don’t just review it from the point of view of the progress you made during all those yesterdays.  Review it and adapt it to reflect what is actually going on in your business today so that you are ready for tomorrow.   A strategy much like change should be constantly evolving with your business.

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