It’s 2017. You may have already strategised “The Marketing Plan” for your business this year, and if so that’s great. Another important job ticked off the to do list. Your plan will include the types of marketing activity that will be done when, by whom, the outcome and likely results. Your hard work in pulling the plan together will give you a structure and joined up approach to your marketing efforts for the year. Keeping you one step ahead of your competitors by increasing demand and generating those all-important leads.

In order to compete with your competitors it’s important to anticipate and understand the marketing trends that will be out there during 2017.

Trends play an important part in business, least not in marketing. Marketing techniques are becoming increasingly quick to change as every business competes for the best, most cost-effective leads to channel through their marketing funnels.

So what are the marketing trends we are likely to see this year and how can we adapt our marketing plans to include them?

We’ve drawn up a top 5 list of the marketing trends we think will be making it big or even bigger during 2017…

1. Content MarketingThis is a histogram showing how far people scroll through Slate

Content marketing isn’t a new concept. And the statistics show that it’s on the rise. Content withrelevant images, gets 94% more views than content without those images.

Content marketing needs to engage and entertain the article visitor. This graph shows the results of a Josh Schwartz data traffic analysis. Most visitors read 50% of the content before leaving. Ensuring your content is to the point and engaging will get your audience past this point.

2. Video Marketing

Marketing is set to become increasing visual, think Periscope, Snapchat and Instagram. The trend is to use not only images but videos and live streaming to get that instant update. On Facebook alone, daily views have gone from 1 billion to 8

billion over the past year and Mark Zuckerberg agrees that video is the way forward, he said recently, “I think video is a megatrend, almost as big as mobile.”

With video becoming huge, new 360 Degree technology has been
developed. 360 cameras have had such an effect on marketing trends over the last few months. The 360 experience ultimately gives the perception that you are immersed in the action.

Video marketing is set to be one of the biggest growing marketing techniques of 2017 and should definitely be included within your marketing strategy.

3. Personalisation

This is the year to focus your marketing on your business’ aims and identity. Just because the new technologies exist, you don’t have to use them if they are not relevant for your brand and market, for example a company in B2B would find it very difficult to use Instagram to market themselves.

Creating a strategy that will really complement your business is essential in connecting with your target audience. Personalisation to your audience is also key. Look at Amazon, Netflix and YouTube. They all produce recommendations and suggestions based on data and previous searches/orders.

4. Using and Integrating All Types of Media

This trend is becoming more significant year on year. We believe that businesses should showcase themselves across multiple medias, linking them back to each other. There are so marketing resources to use: social media, advertisement, emails, letters, telecommunications, blogs and many more…

pexels-photo-88476Do you add photos to your email campaigns? Why not go one step further, by adding a video to your business introduction will encourage interaction. Using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19%, click-through rates by 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26%. Short videos are the best way to explain messages, they keep the attention of viewers. Using video with written description create a strong message.
Think about your articles, there should be links to social media as prospects will look at Facebook and Twitter for more information as well as your website. This also presents continuity between multiple platforms which customers see as a big positive.


5. Customer Engagement

Everyone expects the best customer service. Whether it be a simplistic, easy to use website or a friendly, professional customer service agent to talk to. But do you dread the thought of calling to only get through to someone that may not be able to help you? Or do you want a faster response than an email?

Live Chat is key. Whether you use live chat through your website, Facebook or Twitter. 44% of people said that having a live person answering their questions while they were in the middle of an online purchase was one of the most important features a website could offer. In addition, it helps to retain the interest of many quick clickers.

Here at Ping Marketing we can facilitate your business’ marketing needs through thorough analysis to create a suitable strategy. We keep ahead of new and potential trends to help your business stand out from your competitors.

We can offer multiple services to think, engage, create and support you to develop your ideal business demand.