If you actively market your business you will, already, be using content marketing in some form or another.  After all, the most successful marketing campaigns all have some sort of content!

The Content Marketing Institute lists several definitions of the term. Click on the link and see which one best relates to you and your company.  Content marketing at Ping comprises of three steps:
•    Strategy
•    Copy
•    Distribution

Whatever industry you work in, it’s likely that you will be facing some serious competition to retain and develop your customer base. So what can you do to make yourself, your business, your services and products stand out?  Just what will set you apart from your competitors? What will turn you into that marketing Rock Star!

It’s essential to start with a ‘joined up’ strategy. There is no point in aimlessly writing and uploading blogs or talking on video if it doesn’t fit into your overall plan.  Without a strategy, your content will seem disjointed and irrelevant and will become ineffective.   You’ll have wasted time, money and resources, as well as potentially turning ‘off’ your prospects.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’, whether that may be true or not can, and has been, debated.  The same phrase cannot be applied to content marketing.

Content marketing always has to be good, if not great.  Your copy has to be better and more engaging than your competitors’ copy. In fact, it has to be consistently great, always unique, timely and relevant.  Relevant to your prospects, and have meaningful context within your offering.

Your content has to be on brand – to be recognisable.  It has to be the best it can be and entice, tease and promote the reader into taking action, no matter which media distribution channel you choose.  And there are plenty of ways and methods to distribute your content: blogs, social networks (Twitter, Facebook for example), videos, emails, webinars, white papers, and of course your website.

Select the distribution channel that’s right for your audience, and deliver your message at the time it’s likely to get the best response.  You may have to do a bit of research to get this right, and understand what suits your customers and prospects.  Start with a sample and review results.

Remembering The 5 Ping Rule for content marketing when you are planning your next marketing campaign will help you to save time, money and resources:
1.    A ‘joined up’ strategy
2.    Timely and relevant
3.    Original
4.    Brand consistent
5.    Distributed via the most relevant media

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