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Content marketing – it’s a phrase you’ll have often heard at networking events, meetings and maybe even in the boardroom.  Marketers talk about it as a solution to business development issues and it can be.  But what is it really and how do small businesses optimise its benefits?

Let’s start with a simple search engine definition:


Content marketing includes a number of areas and platforms aside from the more usual blogs and articles.  However, there is a single common thread that runs through the centre of all marketing activities – a secret ingredient available to us all – that marks the difference between consumer engagement and those undesirable ‘unsubscribes’ and that is GREAT CONTENT.  Great content equals profitable business, happy customers and cost savings for business.

Great content is more than a destination, it’s a journey and no matter what medium you choose there are 5 key elements to success:

  1. Understand and define your audience – consider that you may have more than audience typecolorful-1312830_640
  2. Develop a consistent content marketing strategy across relevant platforms
  3. Write for your audience – tell a story that is relevant informative and adds value to the reader
  4. Be creative and bold – avoid cliches and worn out overused formats
  5. Personalise your content for each audience type

Content marketing (or indeed any form of marketing) will not provide a quick fix.  It takes time, effort and resources to get it right and the most challenging part is creating an engaging message for your audience that will establish and maintain your profile as a ‘go to’ within your sector.

Here at Ping Marketing we know how to create GREAT CONTENT and our clients agree:

“ability to write content with very little guidance is amazing”

“creative flair to produce content that really captures the essence of what you’re trying to convey”

“posts and blogs that Ping produced were very timely, regular, informative and motivational – always hitting the right note”

“wording for new website and point of sale – immensely effective”

If you would like to know more about the benefits of using content marketing to boost your business please get in touch.  We can help you with written and verbal (scripted) content for any marketing platform or communication process or procedure.

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